Friday, March 28, 2014

Karen Davila visits Anihan for My Puhunan show

Karen Davila visited Anihan on Thursday, 27 March 2014.

Together with her TV crew, Ms. Davila did a coverage of the school for the show, My Puhunan. The show airs every Wednesday, 4:45 pm, on ABS-CBN. The tentative date for the episode where Anihan will be featured is April 16.

Before she left, Ms. Davila posted on Instagram the above collage of Anihan photos.

Thank you, Ms. Karen Davila, for your visit and for endorsing Anihan! We look forward to the next episodes of My Puhunan!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Anihan Graduate is Taal Vista Hotel's Employee of the Month

Anihan Graduate Javell Ronquillo received the Employee of the Month award for February 2014 from Taal Vista Hotel. Javell graduated from Anihan in 2012.

While still an Anihan scholar, Javell did her on-the-job-training (OJT) at the Taal Vista Hotel together with Deanne Coro, another Anihan scholar. They performed so well that they were both offered employment at Taal Vista even before they had graduated.

Chocomint Cake Paradise made by Javell

Javell and Deanne have constantly proven their competence and dedication that even when they were still newly-hired at Taal Vista two years ago, they were already selected as part of the team to represent the hotel in the WOFEX 2012 Philippine Culinary Cup.

Javell at the WOFEX 2012 Philippine Culinary Cup

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summer Baking Classes 2014

Summer baking classes will be offered in Anihan this April to May 2014.

A six-part series of baking classes will cover the core competencies of Bread and Pastry Production NC II. The participants may opt to attend the whole series (6 days) or only one or select days.

Summer course details

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Summer Baking Classes 2014 in Anihan

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mary Grace Café Owner Inspires Anihan 2014 Graduates

Mary Grace Dimacali, owner of Mary Grace Café, was the guest speaker at Anihan's 27th Commencement Exercises last 7 March 2014. Below are excerpts from her inspirational message:

…Mary Grace Café…is about women, about Hearth and Home, Faith and Family! And what better institution teaches about these things than Anihan!
Mary Grace Dimacali, owener of Mary Grace Café,
delivering her inspirational message to the Anihan 2014 Graduates
Looking at you now is like looking at myself when I was a young girl fascinated with how a cake or ensaymada grows in the oven. Who knew then that this fascination would grow into a serious business where kitchens in several branches are manned with young girls like you from Anihan, Punlaan and Maligaya!

…In Mary Grace, we look for people with a good hand and a warm and loving heart. Heart and Hand go together. The Hand is the symbol of efficient work – of service marked with stamina and speed… Now why the heart? What good is the hand without the heart? From the Heart flows hospitality, caring and love as manifested in a smile, in one’s gentle and respectful tone of voice, in one’s bending of the head to attentively listen to the needs of the customer! The Hand and the Heart are what makes the Mary Grace dining experience! It is the very essence of Home where one is cared for and loved, where one enters and leaves fed in body, mind and spirit!

Dear ladies, wherever hotel, ship, restaurant, or commissary you will find yourself in, I hope and pray you will remember Hand and Heart and the third H! Can you guess what it is? A gracious Hand and a holy Heart is… HEAVEN! Heaven on earth and heaven with our Lord and our Lady, with the angels and the saints and St Josemaria Escrivá! I hope we will find each other in Heaven whipping up wonderful aromas of prayer, of thanksgiving and of praise!
L-R: Maureen Abiera, Anihan 2014 Graduate and OJT Excellence Awardee; Ma. Luisa Yu, FPTI Board of Trustees Vice-Chairperson; Lourdes Ramirez, Anihan Patrons Member who gave the event's opening remarks; Mary Grace Dimacali; Macaria Javier, Anihan School Director; Mary Anne Ruiz, FPTI Director for Academics and Research
Dear ladies, you came to Anihan not by accident! Divine Providence brought you here! You are the salt and light of the world… Salt for me is the great flavor enhancer. In the right amount it balances the sweet. In cakes, pastries, and bread, there is always a dash of salt. Without salt, there is something missing. The taste buds are not awakened, the brain that recognizes taste does not sent out happy brainwaves of delight that makes someone squeal in oohs and aahs! Ang sarap! Isa pa nga! Where a recipe calls for a cup of sugar, salt comes in a teaspoon or two. If the sugar is the world, you are the salt, a select few that spells the difference! You will go to the workplace to make a difference, to bring into little and big kitchens your values, shaped and molded in the two years you came to Anihan!

About Mary Grace Dimacali and Mary Grace Café from the introduction given at the above event:

She started her business the hard way. She was the one who baked the goodies and also the one who would sell it in bazaars. When she first joined a bazaar,  her product was new and people were wary of it. Her son who was with her said:  “Mom, cut up your ensaymada and give samples to people!” So she did and the thirty boxes she brought that day were sold so fast.  That experience gave her the courage to do it week after week.

A wife and a mother of five, her  business which bears her name is supported by her whole family: her husband, Hector, is the company Chairman; Chiara, her eldest daughter, shares her knowledge and skills in Professional Organization and Brand Management; her sons, Adrian, Gabriel and Raphael are in charge of Human Resources and Legal, Business Development and Operations, and Finance and Purchasing, respectively; while her youngest daughter, Marian Ernestine, handles Kiosk and Production Development.

Mary Grace Dimacali was awarded the Filipina Starpreneur award by GoNegosyo and the Neophyte Entrepreneur Award by the Network for Enterprising Women. Mary Grace Café was given the Store Operations Excellence Award by the Ayala Malls Group, and its selected offerings were featured in Ayala Malls’ Top Food Picks. Mary Grace’s ensaymada and hot chocolate were also hailed in Spot.PH as the best ensaymada and the third best tsokolate, respectively.