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Anihan Technical School is a project of The Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI). Established in 1986.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A total of 19 Anihan students received the Sacrament of Confirmation last 8 February, Friday. His Excellency Bishop Leo Drona of the Diocese of San Pablo administered the sacrament to the Anihan students together with other students residing and/or living in the parish of Makiling, Calamba.

It was a very memorable occasion especially since all the "confirmed" were reminded of how, through this sacrament of Christian initiation, they were going to receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit that enables their soul to grow in the grace received at Baptism.

Asked about her impression of the event, one Anihan student said that now she understands what it means to be a "soldier of Christ"--that together with living out her faith, she also has the grace to bring it to other persons and protect it from harm.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is administered by the Catholic Church to all the faithful who have already been baptized. Some of its effects in the Christian is to root him more deeply in divine sonship, bind him more firmly to Christ and to the Church and reinvigorate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in his soul. It gives a special strength to witness to the Christian faith (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 268).

The spiritual formation imparted in Anihan is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church that promotes the exercise of exemplary virtues in ordinary work.

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