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Anihan Technical School is a project of The Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI). Established in 1986.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anihan is pro-poor, pro-women, pro-family, pro-Filipino

Fundamentally, this is because Anihan is pro-life, that is, it is inspired by the Christian ideal of dignity of human life.

Tomorrow, a small representative group from Anihan is set to participate in the “Jericho March for Life”, a unique prayer rally that is supposed to begin at St Francis Church behind Shangrila Plaza, go through a rosary walk from St. Francis Church to Meralco Ave. and back, and end with the celebration of Holy Mass at the same church. We will go with the objective of proclaiming our stand on—and praying for—the dignity of life and of women, as Anihan’s work attests to.

This was the plan until we received an email this morning informing that the pro-life rally had to be cancelled because the permit which had already been previously given was suddenly revoked due to the anticipation that it will cause heavy traffic.

Whatever may be the real reason behind the revocation of the permit, Anihan will still be there tomorrow, hoping to meet you and many more who are pro-life and therefore pro-poor, pro-women, and pro-Filipino!

Here is the new plan:

8:00 Assembly at the same venue (St. Francis Church, Mandaluyong)
9:00 Holy Mass
"Daan ng Krus ng Pamilyang Pilipino tungo sa muling Pagkabuhay" (or the Way of the Cross)

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