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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Real Love Revolution 2011 - Jason Evert connects to Filipino Youth on Chastity

(From the Manila Bulletin, 3 March 2011)

MANILA, Philippines--AS the country was busy celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first EDSA People Power, a young American speaker was going on campus tours around the country in a bid to start a “real love revolution” among the youth...

Jason Evert is not a celebrity but his young audience composed of Filipino high school and college students are rooting for him like he is one. Jason, indeed, seems to have that charm and appeal of today’s celebrities.

The reasons, one would later find out, are the truthfulness of his message, the magic of his words and the modern, friendly and funny manner in which this chastity speaker delivers his message.

(Read full story on The Manila Bulletin)

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