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Anihan Technical School is a project of The Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI). Established in 1986.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pondo ng Pinoy Helps Support Anihan Scholars

Pondo ng Pinoy or PnP extends its help to eighteen (18) graduating Anihan students by granting them financial assistance amounting to P194,000.00.

Fr. Noel Conopio, Pondo ng Pinoy Coordinator, speaks to Anihan scholars.

All Anihan students receive a full-tuition scholarship from the school but there are still students who are at risk of dropping out because their families run out of means for their other school-related expenses. This is where PnP helps them. The PnP grant covers their school-related expenses such as boarding house rental and transportation while in their on-the-job-training (OJT), miscellaneous and graduation fees in school.

Watch the video: Pondo ng Pinoy Helps Support Anihan Scholars 

In the launching of the Pondo ng Pinoy program in Anihan, Fr. Noel Conopio, PnP Coordinator, explained the famous words of Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, who founded Pondo ng Pinoy in 2004 while he was the Archbishop of Manila:

Pondo ng Pinoy is a living proof that regular savings of even a tiny amount – in this case, saving twenty-five centavos everyday – can go a long, long way in helping oneself and many others.

In encouraging the students to also start their own 25-centavo daily savings, Fr. Conopio stressed that no one is too rich that he won’t need help, and no one too poor that he won’t be able help.

This is the second time that Pondo ng Pinoy has helped Anihan students. In 2008, PnP helped 5 graduating students, granting them a total amount of P98,170.00.

L-R: Mr. Danny Evangelista, Pondo ng Pinoy Staff; Fr. Noel Conopio, Pondo ng Pinoy Coordinator;
Ms. Macaria Javier, Anihan School Director; Ms. Ma. Ava Istino, Pondo ng Pinoy Secretariat Coordinator

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