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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas 2013 in the Philippines: A Time to Say Thank You

Simbang Gabi starts today, December 16. Simbang Gabi, or dawn masses, marks the beginning of a more intense preparation for Christmas in the Philippines.

In the aftermath of the physical and material devastation the country has just gone through, it is the Filipinos' spiritual strength that is helping the country recover and rebuild. By little steps, perhaps, but progressive little steps nonetheless. And with the generous support pouring in from different nations all over the world, there is nowhere else to go but forward and up.

Despite the prevalent corruption found in many areas of our society, it cannot be denied that the Filipino solidarity that is being highlighted right now has actually always been there. In nooks and crannies, in corners where there are no spotlights or media coverage. The Filipino heart has always been compassionate and generous, reflecting in its own way the love and self-sacrifice of the Holy Family. This is what keeps us going. And this is what we are thankful for, this Christmas and always.

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