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Friday, May 9, 2014

Anihan's Summer Baking Classes 2014: An Update

Anihan's Summer Baking Classes 2014 will already be halfway in its six-part series tomorrow.

Day 1

The first part of Day 1 was spent on an introduction to bakery operations and on basic baking principles and ingredients. In the afternoon, the participants were already immersed in hands-on training, baking their own banana bread, muffins, and herb biscuits.

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Day 2

Day 2 was a physically challenging one: baking different kinds of bread. The participants worked all their muscles as they mixed, kneaded and rolled their own dough. The end of the long day saw them proudly bringing home a load of their own baked products: large-sized pandesal, cinnamon rolls, soft rolls, raisin loaf bread, and pizza.

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Tomorrow, they'll be doing even more recipes as they tackle cookies and pies. Watch out for the next update!

Enrollment still open

Those interested can still enroll in any or all of the remaining four days of Anihan's Summer Baking Classes 2014. Download the details here.

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