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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anihan Industry Partner Inspires Graduates

Anihan Industry Partner, Ms Koby Parcell-Cruz, Proprietor of Chocolate Fire, sent her inspirational message to the graduates for Anihan's 28th Commencement Exercises.

Audio : Inspirational Message of Ms. Koby Parcell-Cruz (Proprietor of Chocolate Fire).

Our knowledge and skills can never be taken from us

"I came to the Philippines when I was three years old. I was born in Sydney Australia and I've grown up going back and forth between both countries. As I state in the speech, I grew up in the food industry. I completed my degree however at the University of New South Wales, in Media and Communication majoring in International Political Relations. Whilst not always related, I still used so much of my degree for business, such as all the online social marketing which I created for Chocolate Fire. Our FB page for instance holds over 28,000 followers.

Never underestimate the wonderful achievement you have all made, as my father always reminds me - knowledge and skills, are our greatest gifts for it can never be taken from us.

Businesses come and go, jobs come and go but our skills and the knowledge you have all obtained through Anihan for example, stay with us forever. And as you get ready to embark on your careers and apply these skills to the actual workforce, I hope you look back at your education as I do, with fondness and pride for the certificates and diplomas handed to you today."

Growing up in the food industry

"I personally have grown up in the food industry, my parents had cafes and at one point even a fresh fruit and vegetable supply company in Australia thru my childhood. I find it a wonderful industry of providing people with one of life's greatest joys - eating. As I got older I came to understand the dynamics that goes behind serving food & the actual business side of it all and I do simply love it. And most especially for the creativity that you can delve into within all aspects of the industry. From food production to actual specialty concepts. You could even be creative with the book keeping and manage to find new and innovative ways to improve and simplify your work. Creativity is not only limited to cooking and design.

For how brilliant an industry it is, we cannot ignore however that it is also a very tough industry. From the competitiveness of great servers, exceptional chefs, long hours, physical work, to brilliant cafe or resto styles that already exist and the basic realty that you need to stand out from a huge sea of talent that can be found within this industry."


"This is why, it is so important, as you take this huge leap into your careers that you always maintain your professionalism. If there is one piece of advise that I can offer which I've found so valuable, it is to maintain professionalism at all times. Always be on time for your shifts, make hygiene a constant priority, work efficiently, always speak truthfully, be courteous and work hard. Coming from a family whose always been in the food industry, we are the first to say, if its our job to clean the toilets, we will clean those toilets to absolute perfection. Have pride in your tasks, regardless of how menial they may seem at the time. Don't take short cuts if the end product will be jeopardised! Professionalism, professionalism, professionalism.

Always remember, we work our way up through the food industry... I began my first job at the hottest cafe in Main Beach, Gold Coast when I was sixteen years old and my position was dishwasher. Admittedly they had an actual dishwashing machine, so my role was to clear tables, clear dishes, stack the washer & clean the back kitchen and it was hard work. Hours were long, the cafe was always busy and we worked with speed. It was exhausting! I will never forget walking home after my first day and thinking my body & feet would never recover. But I had the most wonderful satisfaction in knowing that I did my role really well, applied myself everywhere that my employer needed me and soon I was taking orders and learning to be a waitress."

Hard work, passion and commitment

"It's all about hard work, doing your best, being honest, courteous, efficient and finding passion for this fabulous industry we are all a part of. I knew even then at sixteen that I wanted to have my own business one day and be running an actual cafe. There are baby steps to get there and sometimes (it can be) frustrating and sometimes they can take time, but never give up! As you all never gave up to finish your course here at Anihan, carry that determination with you always! I have worked with several of the students and graduates of Anihan and I am always so impressed by the base skills and courtesies you all demonstrate. Be proud ladies! You've been equipped with wonderful skills and values, yours forever now and from this you can only grow onwards and upwards.

Your passion and commitment will always shine through to an employer. Be willing to learn and absorb, for there will be times when you may be asked to take on a role or task which you are not familiar with and rather then turn that opportunity away, be open to forever learning. Employers find much respect for those who are willing to take on something unknown and learn how to do it to perfection. You might be surprised as well and find a whole new passion.

I wish you ladies the very best and am so honored to be invited here to speak with you today. I hope I was able to provide you some points which you'll find of value in the coming months and year. Good luck in your new jobs and to those still looking for full time placements, stay positive and confident. The right opportunity often appears when we least expect it. I hope to meet some of you personally in my future businesses."

- Koby

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