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Anihan Technical School is a project of The Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI). Established in 1986.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Anihan's 28th Commencement Exercises: The Tradition of Helping

Herminia Gabutina, Anihan Technical School Director

Anihan's 28th Commencement Exercises was held on 6 March 2015. Below is the text of the Closing Remarks given by the School Director, Herminia Gabutina.

...Throughout these years, we can say that a tradition has been shaped in Anihan. What is this tradition? The tradition of helping. We can say that this is the legacy of Anihan. Legacy. Pamana. Ang pamana ng Anihan sa lahat ng taong nakakakilala sa kanya ay ang ugali ng pagtulong.

To the private individuals and corporate sponsors who donate to the Anihan scholarship fund, Anihan has not only been a symbol that it is by helping one another that we push our society towards progress. More importantly, to our sponsors, Anihan is a real, specific, and effective channel of help: by donating to Anihan, they see that their financial contribution is really used to help young women transform themselves into highly-skilled food service professionals with a live sense of citizenship and who strive to practice Christian values.

To our patrons who, for all these many years, have been looking for sponsors for the scholarship fund, Anihan is a beacon that inspires them to continue looking and asking for donations even if it becomes more difficult each year. Napakahirap po maghanap ng donation: may mga nilalapitan sila na hindi kumbinsidong tumulong; meron ding mga tumulong na, pero ayaw nang umulit - eto yung tinatawag na “donor-fatigue”; at meron ding mga gustong tumulong pero hindi kaya dahil sa kagipitan nilang pansarili. Pero, taun-taon, walang kapaguran ang ating mga patrons sa paghahanap. Bakit? Dahil para sa kanila, misyon ang tumulong sa mga estudyante ng Anihan.

To Anihan’s industry partners, Anihan is more than just a partner. For them, Anihan is a nurturing ground for valued persons who they want to become part of their companies. This is seen in their willingness to contribute to the scholarship fund... Gusto nila ang training background ng Anihan students kaya payag sila na mag-donate sa scholarship fund ng Anihan – para marami pang mapa-aral ang Anihan. Ms Senen Olmos is our Industry Linkage and Alumnae Officer... Maraming tumatawag kay Ms Senen na industry partners dahil gusto nilang mag-“hire” ng Anihan graduates. Ang problema ni Ms Senen? Ubos na ang Anihan graduates. For example, right now, we have 56 new graduates and more than 90% of them have already been absorbed for employment, mostly by their OJT venues. Ilan na lamang ang for interview at sila ay malamang magsisimula na rin bago matapos ang buwan.

To the Anihan teachers and staff, Anihan is not just their place of work or their source of income... First comes the mission. This is why the Anihan staff are more than willing to dedicate more than the official eight hours per day for the needs of the school, for the needs of the students. Anihan is here to help her students develop themselves, discover their talents and potentials, hone their skills, and support them in reaching their dreams. Para sa isang mag-aaral ng Anihan, hindi niya puwedeng sabihin na hindi siya makakatuloy sa pag-aaral dahil mahirap siya. Aside from the full-tuition scholarship grant that Anihan students receive, Anihan also looks for other ways to help students with bigger financial problems. Dahil sa trabaho ng Anihan teachers and staff, masasabi natin na ang bawat mag-aaral ng Anihan ay hinanap, pinili, tinulungan at ginabayan.

And to our mentors, who help the Anihan students on a purely voluntary basis and who do not receive even any allowance whatsoever, Anihan is an opportunity to help in the purest sense of the word: to give without expecting anything in return. For two or more hours every week, they take time out from their busy work schedule and come here to Anihan to be with the students: para kaibiganin kayo at may matawag kayong Ate; para pakinggan kayo, ang inyong mga problema, saya, hinanakit at tuwa; para ibahagi sa inyo ang mga “experiences” nila; para tulungan kayong makita ang tama at mali; nandiyan sila kahit, minsan, nagtatago kayo.

And, of course, to the graduates’ parents: Mga magulang, kayo po ang mga unang guro ng mga anak niyo. Lahat ng itinuturo namin ay pumapangalawa lamang sa halimbawa na ibinibigay niyo sa kanila: ang halimbawa ng mabuhay para sa iba. Ang magulang ay nabubuhay para sa mga anak niya. Ang pagpapalaki niyo sa kanila ang patunay ng kung paano kayo namumuhay sa mundo. Ang pagtuturo niyo sa kanila ng malasakit, ng pagiging masigasig sa pag-aaral at sa trabaho, ng katapatan, ng paggalang sa sarili at sa iba, ng tiwala sa Diyos. Ang tulong ng magulang sa anak ay walang katumbas na pera o materyal na bagay. Sa tulong niyo, napa-aral at napatapos natin ang inyong mga anak.

L-R: Senen Olmos (Anihan Industry Linkage and Alumnae Officer); Jasmin De Leon (Sous Chef, The Palms Country Club); Mary Anne Ruiz (FPTI Director for  Academic Affairs); Nina Solomon (FPTI President); Herminia Gabutina (Anihan School Director);  Atty. Cely TotaƱes (Anihan Patrons President); Beth Yatco (Anihan Patron); Lulu Ramirez (Anihan Patron); Pamela Karen Bermejo (Anihan Vice-Director for Business Development)

And so, to our new Anihan graduates, I pose to you a sweet challenge: to continue the legacy of Anihan. Dahil sa pamanang ito, maraming tao na naririto at mas marami pa na wala dito, ang tumulong sa inyo. Dalhin niyo ang pamanang ito sa buhay ninyo. At huwag sanang tumigil ang pamanang ito sa inyo. Ipasa niyo ito sa iba. Paano? Very soon, you will start working. There in your place of work, remember that you always carry the name of Anihan. And so, work with commitment, with loyalty, with dedication and professionalism. How you work influences the industry partners’ evaluation of the next batches of Anihan students and graduates. How you respect others and yourself is how they will respect anybody who’s from Anihan.

Anihan graduates, wherever you may be – alone or at work, at home, or with friends – always strive to be a good citizen and a good Christian. We all know it’s not easy but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Anihan has helped us realize this. And Anihan and FPTI will help you. As graduates, you can continue with mentoring. This is coordinated by Ms Senen. Remember, a loyal friend is hard to find so value your mentors as gifts. Not many people have this opportunity.

Lastly, look for other young women who can benefit from the scholarship. Tell them about Anihan or better yet, accompany and bring them here. Always remember to help. A grateful heart remembers.

Pamana. Dear graduates, pass on the Anihan legacy.

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