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Anihan Technical School is a project of The Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI). Established in 1986.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Anihan Bread and Pastry Short Course 2016

Anihan's Bread and Pastry Short Course has been rescheduled for March to May 2016. See updated schedule and course outline below.


This program is a FULL BASIC HANDS-ON TRAINING IN BREAD AND PASTRY PRODUCTION addressing the Core Competencies in TESDA's training regulations.

Enrollment for the whole course is highly recommended. At the same time, each day is a stand-alone program so per-day participants may attend only on select days.

Enrollment fee

A regular fee of P2,000.00/day is charged for per-day participants.


There is a special discounted fee of only P11,400.00 (only P1,900.00/day) for those who will enroll for the whole course (one-time payment for all six days). This special discounted fee does not apply to per-day participants who will finish the 6-day course. 

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Ingredients and handouts

All fees (regular and discounted) already include ingredients, handouts and certificate.


  1. Required minimum no. of participants per day: Six (6)
  2. Confirmation of slot is only by full-payment enrollment 3 days before the scheduled Saturday.
  3. Anihan reserves the right to cancel the program/class if the required minimum number of participants is not reached. See payment and conditions here.
  4. Fee already includes: ingredients, hand-outs, certificate
  5. Participants will bring the following:
    • Food containers and bags (especially for Day 3: Cakes)
    • Lunch, snacks, and eating & drinking utensils
  6. Participants will follow the dress code:
    • With sleeves (not allowed: sleeveless, shorts, mini-skirts)
    • Closed, rubbed-soled shoes with socks (not-allowed: open-toed, heels)
    • Apron and cap/hairnet (or purchase from Anihan, P270/set)
    • Hand towel

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