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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Anihan Faculty Development

Anihan Faculty Development: Paghilom sa Bawat Pamilya

"Kaya mo yan!"

"Parang 'yan lang? Di pa katapusan ng mundo."

"Hindi lang ikaw ang naghihirap sa mundo."

"Kapit lang!"

These are the common advises and reinforcements that we say to someone who is depressed. "But these don't help. Instead of saying, 'Kayanin mo!' Say, 'Nandito lang ako. Kakayanin natin ito ng magkasama tayo.", Dr. Noel Cruz, the Internal Medicine Resident at UP-PGH.

Eight faculty members of Anihan Technical School, together with educators from different institutions, medical practitioners, patients, and their families participated in an enlightening seminar at the Philippine Red Cross, Mandaluyong City on November 10, 2018. It was the 4th Family Conference on Mental Health with the theme, “Creating a Vision of Recovery for Families: Paghilom sa Bawat Pamilya.”

The seminar highlighted topics on mental health and illnesses such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, as well as handling emotions, healing and recovery, psycho-social rehabilitation for recovering patients, and empowering stories of people who recovered or are able to manage these disorders. The Philippine Mental Health Law (RA 11036) was also accentuated in the conference. The gathering aimed to enlighten everyone about the misconceptions about Mental Health and Mental Health Disorders.

The highlight of the program was Vice President Leni Robredo's message. She recounted how she initiated to push for the Mental Health Law. VP Robredo stated, "I consulted many of my psychiatrist friends. I was asking them what was wrong with our mental health program and that was only when I realized we did not have an existing mental health policy for the country. So, I started pushing it… Mahirap talagang i-push sa congress… I have to be very honest with you. Kulang sa interes sa mental health. Talagang marginalized na topic. And it is contributing more to the stigma because there is too much misinformation, there’s no real policy, and because there is very little interest in the illness.”

VP Robredo added, “I am really very happy that more attention was given to it in the congress. So nakapasa siya. And I think lahat tayo should be vigilant in making sure that the implementation is done in accordance with how we envisioned the implementation would be.”

The talks were full of eye-opening information about various students' behaviors that can help teachers understand students' situations and help them. The recovery of a person with mental illness will be possible especially when his/her family will never leave his/her side. Teachers can also help encourage students' families in this.

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